Production Line, Order Lot Q'ty

We line up the filling facilities suitable for variety types of container and the stern testing equipment, and provide reliable products. Would you let us know your concerns on product development or quality control?

Production Line Volume Min. Order Q'ty Economical Order Q'ty Filling Capacity/Hour
Mass Production
Glass & Aluminum Bottle
Aluminum (100ml) 50,000 bottles 150,000 bottles
(if using Fancy Box: 120,000)
19,000 bottles
(50ml, 100ml)
50,000 bottles 150,000 bottles
(if using Fancy Box: 120,000)
19,000 bottles
Glass (120ml) 50,000 bottles 150,000 bottles 16,200 bottles
Big Glass Bottle Glass
(500ml, 720ml)
1,000 bottles 5,000 – 10,000 bottles
(depend on packing spec.)
1,000 – 1,500 bottles
Small Glass Bottle Glass
(20ml, 30ml, 50ml)
10,000 bottles 50,000 – 60,000 bottles 8,100 bottles
Glass (100ml) 10,000 bottles 40,000 bottles 5,400 bottles
Glass (120ml) 10,000 bottles 30,000 bottles 4,500 bottles
Glass & Aluminum Bottle Aluminum (100ml) 50,000 bottles 100,000 bottles
(no Fancy Box available)
13,000 bottles
(100ml, 120ml)
50,000 bottles 100,000 bottles
(no Fancy Box available)
12,000 bottles
30,000 bottles 30,000 – 50,000 bottles
(depend on content)
5,400 – 6,000 bottles
20,000 bottles 30,000 bottles 3,800 – 4,200 bottles
Stick Jelly
(Drink also acceptable)
3 Sided Film (10g) 60,000 sticks 110,000 sticks 4,000 sticks
*Per 1 unit. 2 units can operate simultaneously.
3 Sided Film (15g) 60,000 sticks 103,000 sticks
3 Sided Film (20g) 60,000 sticks 80,000 sticks
  • Min. Order Q'ty and Filling Capacity/Hour shown above are only for reference.
  • The product output quantity may vary from the quantities shown above, according to Container volume and each prescription.
  • We may possibly meet the request for Container volumes other than mentioned above. Additional cost for facility adjustment may occur depending on the requested specification.
  • We will not handle with filling water, tea, drink including fructification or granulated ingredient, nor filling in plastic bottle

Filled material example per Container is as follows.

Container Filled Material Example
Glass Bottle(20 – 720ml) Small: Beauty drink, Healthy drink, Crude drug drink(Refreshing beverage)
Medium: Fruit juice beverage, Carbonated drink, Soda, Functional beverage
Large: Condensed healthy/beauty drink, Fruit juice beverage, Lactobacillus(killed bacteria) beverage
Aluminum Bottle(100ml)
Carbonated drink, High-value added drink with functional ingredients
3 Sided Film(10 – 20g) Small amount of beauty/healthy jelly(drink)
Stick jelly with beauty component(Collagen, Placental extract, etc.)

We also offer packing or assortment packing.

Packing Container
Shrink Pack of 3 Bottles Glass Bottle (20, 30, 50, 100ml)
Box Packing of Stick Jelly Variety types of Boxes

Please contact us even when the requesting specification is not yet fixed. We will propose the product development as will meet your preference.

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