Watashi no Kyujitsu

It is like wine, but it is a "grape juice drink"

A luxurious product created from "type of grapes used for wine" and natural ingredients.

Made from grape juice for wine.
A drink with a sparkling wine taste.

*This is not alcohol (Alcohol content less than 0.2%)

What is "Watashi no Kyujitsu"?

Using juice from types of grapes used for wine

It uses fine juice made from wine grapes produced in Italy--"Cabernet Sauvignon " for the red type and "Chardonnay" for the white type. It expresses a mellow aroma and richness which make it different from regular grape juice. Furthermore, the fruit juice used is natural and unfermented. We created it based not on the negative concept of removing alcohol from wine, but rather the positive concept of increasing a fruit juice drink to the level of wine.

Fruit juice percentage
  • Red(Cabernet Sauvignon 92%)
  • White(Chardonnay 91%)
An accent to the flavor through lemon and rose hip

Even using wine grapes, that alone tends to leave the flavor dull. So we used Sicilian lemon juice and German rose hip to add a refreshing acidity and aroma, accenting the flavor, while also adding vitamin C, which is essential to beauty and health.

*Including the juice from the specialized wine grapes, the lemons, and rose hip, the combined fruit juice ratio is 99%
Combined fruit juice ratio of 99%

  • Lemon

    We mainly use the "femminello" mainstream variety. It features a clear and mild taste through diatomaceous soil filtration. It is not only sour but also mildly sweet

  • Rose hip

    The fruit of the wild rose, it is also used as herb tea. In Watashi no Kyujitsu, we only use rose hips developed in Germany, the advanced nation with the highest quality and most intense research and consumption of herbs

We give depth to the taste with wine vinegar and a slight amount of wine

In order to add depth to the taste, we include wine vinegar, which features a fruity aroma and strong acidity, and just a little actual wine. Made of grapes, the same as the fruit juice which is the main ingredient, these two further enhance the flavor. It is not the same as simply sweet non-alcoholic wine or grape juice. Also, for a refreshing feel when enjoyed together with food, we give it a slight foam.

*Alcohol content less than 0.2%/soft drink/includes carbon dioxide
*This product contains less than 0.2% alcohol, but it is a soft drink, and in terms of influence on driving after consuming and alcohol content, please think of it as the same as any regular soft drink

Contains no preservatives or flavorings. Contains no sugar. Created with care from natural ingredients

Because we are careful to use natural ingredients, none of the antioxidants often found in fruit juice drinks (sulfide) are used, and neither is food coloring, flavoring, sweeteners or sugar. It is absolutely additive-free.

Using some of the best natural water in Japan

The area around the manufacturing factory, Toyama Prefecture, is one of Japan's leading sources of water. It is the home of the sacred "Tateyama" mountains, and the thawed snow water from the Tateyama mountain range is natural water which is filtered over many months and years in nature. This natural water is used in "Watashi no Kyujitsu". We have gathered together all of these specially selected ingredients to form "deliciousness". The natural water, abundant with minerals, is refreshing with no bitterness and a clean aftertaste.

Product summary
Product nameWatashi no Kyujitsu
Product99% combined fruit juice drink
(Includes carbon dioxide/soft drink)
  • Red(Cabernet Sauvignon)
    • Fruit juice (Grape (92% Cabernet Sauvignon), Rose hip, Lemon)
    • Wine
    • Grape vinegar
    • Carbonic acid
  • White(Chardonnay)
    • Fruit juice (Grape (91% Chardonnay), Rose hip, Lemon)
    • Wine
    • Grape vinegar
    • Carbonic acid
ContainerGlass Bottle
Best when used within9 months(Listed on cap)
Product specifications
Single product sizeDiameter : 63mm / Height : 298mm
Single product weight961g
Packaging6 bottles Cardboard
Case sizeLength : 210mm / Width : 140mm / Height : 325mm
Case weight5.99kg
Jan Code
  • Red(Cabernet Sauvignon)
    • 4571338400009
  • White(Chardonnay)
    • 4571338400016
ITF Code
  • Red(Cabernet Sauvignon)
    • 14571338400006
  • White(Chardonnay)
    • 14571338400013
Storage method
  • Keep away from direct sunlight and high temperatures.
  • The fruit juice components may settle or the liquid may become darker, but the product quality is unaffected.
  • The liquid may expand and cause the container to explode, so please do not freeze or warm while still in the bottle.
  • Chill well, and consume soon after opening.
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Product Leaflet

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