Health Care and Nursing Products

For persons with swallowing difficulty, suffering from bedsores or in need of physical assistance

“Rakuna” series - for Hydration

For people who want to ingest water efficiently in daily life.
Rakuna is derived from a Japanese word "Raku"(楽) that means easily or comfortably. We supply those products wishing everyone can "swallow easily" and "ingest moisture comfortably".

"Fun and Delicious" series - for Nutrition Supply

For people who want to enjoy the meals and cooking.
Our jelly products here have good hardness and texture that allow even the elderly can easily swallow.
We also provide homemade pudding mixes that anyone can cook at ease.

"Cheering" series - for Nutrition Complement

For people who want to complement the deficient nutrients. Those products can supply various nutrients such as energy and protein that tend to be deficient.

Enguard Hydration Jelly

It's a Hydration Jelly made with natural water from Northern Alps mountain range. It will support smooth hydration.

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