Ice to Mousse

Source of homemade ice cream, to make with milk and hard to melt

Appropriate for replenishing nutrition and calorie

What's nice?

Ice cream to be transformed into Mousse

Even if time passes, it’s not melt but transformed into Mousse.
Person with swallowing difficulty or aged person can taste it good slowly until the end.

*frozen in -20℃ freezer 3 hours, and then left in 25℃ room temperature 30 minutes

Protein, Iron, Zinc and Vitamins contained much

When comparing with Ice cream(high fat, 100g) listed on Standard Tables of Food Composition in Japan 2010, Ice to Mousse made up has ca. 1.8 times Protein, ca. 20 times Iron, ca. 4 times Zinc.
Ca. 1 sixth of Vitamin 11 kinds necessary per day(by Japan standard) are contained in Ice to Mousse.

Special cup attached, to use for homemade work

1 cup volume is 46g proper size for aged person.

Easy to make by mixing with milk

[How to make]

  1. Put “Ice to Mousse” 1 pack(150g) in bowl.
  2. Add cold milk 300cc gradually.
  3. Whip it with whisk or electric mixer 2 – 3 minutes till thickened.
  4. Pour it into attached special cup.
  5. Place in freezer 3 hours or more to make Ice cream, or in refrigerator to make mousse.
  6. お好みでミントなどを加えて盛り付けたら完成です。

*“Ice to Mousse” 1 pack is for ca. 10 persons(46g per person).

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Product summary

Nutrition Facts
(powder 1 pack per 150g)

Vitamin A:1240μg
Vitamin B1:2.4mg
Vitamin B2:2mg
Vitamin B6:2.6mg
Vitamin B12:6.3μg
Vitamin C:166mg
Vitamin D:5.7μg
Vitamin E:21mg
Pantothenic acid:8.2mg
Folic acid:400μg

Nutrition Facts
(made up/ per person 46g)

Vitamin A:124μg
Vitamin B1:0.2mg
Vitamin B2:0.2mg
Vitamin B6:0.2mg
Vitamin B12:0.6μg
Vitamin C:16.9mg
Vitamin D:0.5μg
Vitamin E:2.1mg
Pantothenic acid:0.8mg
Folic acid:40μg

*In case Ice to Mousse made up(per person) is made from Ice to Mousse powder 15g and milk 30cc(3.8% milkfat)

IngredientsSugar, Vegetable oil and fat, Powdered syrup, Whey, Non-fat dry milk, Whole milk powder, Milk sugar, Powdered egg white, Sweetened condensed milk, Lactic acid bacteria, Emulsifier, Casein sodium, Stablizer(Polysaccharide thickener), Flavor, V.C, Iron pyrophosphate, Coloring(Gardenia, Carotene), Niacin, V.E, Pantothenic acid, V.B6, V.B1, V.B2, Seasoning(Nucleic acid, etc.), V.A, Folic acid, V.B12, V.D, (partly containing Milk, Egg and Soybean)
Content volume 150g/pack
Packaging10 packs/carton box, Special cup 50 pieces/pack x 2 packs/carton box
Best when used by date within 1 year after manufacturing date
JAN code4904871001851
ITF code0104904871001850

Storage method

to be stored in cool and dark place. There might melt vegetable oil and fat, if put under high temperature for a prolonged time

  • After opening the pack, please use it up immediately because it absorbs moisture easily.
  • There may be brown grain derived from raw material seen, but it will not be a problem in quality.

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